Natura K, the Deo Parfum of Kaiak Masculino

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Natura K Deo Parfum Masculino

Meet K, the Deo Parfum of Kaiak

Natura inaugurates a new olfactory path with new fragrance.


K is the Deo Parfum that translates the soul of Kaiak, in an even more striking version. Merging the strength of woody notes and noble spices with the liveliness of citrus notes, K maintains its intensity over 10 hours.

With the mixture of nine natural raw materials of high quality, known as OrPur or Pure Gold,

the result is a multifaceted fragrance, unique and truly intense.

Perfect for the man who does not give up the sophistication, durability and sensation of freshness.


How to use
For best perfumes, apply on wrists, neck, neck and behind the ears.



Ideal for special occasions.

Maintains intensity over 10 hours.

Woody notes blended with citrus notes.

Mixture of nine natural raw materials, known as OrPur or Pure Gold


Olfactory Path:

Top: Mint, Nuts, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Lavender

Body: Violet, Jupiter, Geranium

Background: Patchoui, Ambar, Cedar, Cumaru, Musgo





100ml / 3.38 fl Oz.


Manufactured by Natura Brazil

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